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  Andrew M Stafford  

Andrew M Stafford lives with his wife and two children in Bristol, where he was born in 1964.

Andrew’s first book, The Hill has been a hit on Amazon since it was published in January 2015.

It is a Paranormal Murder Mystery Thriller. In the summer of 2015, Book One, (Ben’s Story), was the number one download on Amazon in the USA in its genre. The Hill continues to sell well around the world.

Andrew’s second book, The Third Skull, was published in April 2016 and again, is a Paranormal Mystery Thriller, a genre which he enjoys writing.

The Third Skull has been well received by its readers and is proving to be as popular as The Hill.

Dreamwalkers, the sequel to The Hill, features the return Markland Garraway. Dreamwalkers was published in May 2017.

Free Books

Andrew likes to give readers the choice to download for free 50% of each book he's written. If readers enjoyed book one of each of his stories, they can continue to download and purchase book two, which seamlessly continues from where book one left off.

Click here to download The Hill - Ben’s Story (Book One).: A Paranormal Murder Mystery Thriller. (Book One) for free.

Click here to download The Third Skull (Book one - The Discovery): A Paranormal Mystery Thriller. (Book One) for free.

Click here to download Dreamwalkers (Book One) The Intruder: A Markland Garraway Paranormal Mystery Thriller. (Book One) for free.

Click here to visit Andrew's author page on Amazon.


For those readers who prefer to read a paperback instead of an ebook, Andrew's books can be purchased online from his author page on Amazon.

When not looking after his family and writing, Andrew sells his paintings and plays guitar in bands.