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  The Hill in Badock's Wood  

The Location of The Hill and Dreamwalkers

Although both The Hill and Dreamwalkers are pure fiction, the woods where the stories is set is a real place. Badocks Wood is a beautiful place to go and is in the Henleaze area of Bristol

Click here to visit the web site of Friends of Badock's Wood and the archaeology of the Southmead Round Barrow - 'The Hill'

  The Hill in Badock's Wood in the 1970's  

Above is a picture of 'The Hill' taken in the 1970s when it was surrounded by prefabs. My grandparents lived in one of these prefabs and and I used to play on the hill with my sister when I was a young boy.

Doncaster Road, where Boyd parked the stolen Toyota Previa
The Adventure Playground on Doncaster Road.
The Doncaster Road entrance to Badock’s Wood.
The Hill
The murder location
The rock which Boyd used to murder Ben Walker
The Lakewood Road entrance to the woods. This is where Boyd and his gang ran when they thought the police were chasing them.
 A steel monument in Badock’s Wood on which is written the poem used in the beginning of The 'Hill'.

At Badock’s Wood ghostly windmill sails turn and, like a rewound film, spin through history to remote times when this was burial place for Bronze Aged warrior in that landscape wolves prowled and nervy red deer grazed while hogs rooted among trees

John Fairfax (1930 – 2009)
Click here for the Guardian's obituary to John Fairfax
The Hill